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LBJ's Great Society and War on Poverty | C-SPAN

August 17, 2014
Robert Woodson and Michael Lind talked about President Lyndon Johnson’s goal of promoting equality and ending poverty with the Civil Rights Act and the Economic Opportunity Act.

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Emerging Market Portfolio Globalization:

  • By Jay Pelosky
July 17, 2014
In 2014 emerging markets have shown remarkable resiliency despite negative news and record foreign investor outflows. Jay Pelosky, founder of J2Z Advisory LLC, suggests the answer lies with financial asset expansion in the emerging economies themselves—or what Pelosky calls “a rising tide of middle-class wealth.”

How Americans Pay More and Get Less | Ian Masters' Background Briefing

May 22, 2014

Then we speak with Joshua Freedman, a policy analyst in the Economic Growth Program at the New America Foundation where he has a new report at newamerica.net “Pay More, Get Less: How American Socio-Economic Policy is Falling Short”.

Pay More, Get Less

  • By
  • Joshua Freedman,
  • New America Foundation
April 30, 2014
The American middle class faces an uncertain future. Staring headlong into a difficult – and changing – world economy that has yet to fully recover from the Great Recession, many middle class families are trapped between low, stagnant wages and an increasingly expensive set of social and economic supports.
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