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Next Social Contract Initiative

Rebuilding Economic Security and Opportunity

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The Next Social Contract

Michael Lind outlines a plan for a new social contract between workers, employers, and the government to improve economic security and opportunity.

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Renewing the American Social Contract

A new collection of papers featuring authors from across the political spectrum lays out a new vision for economic security that is broader, simpler, and more transparent.

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Expanded Social Security

Rather than cut Social Security, as the conventional wisdom suggests, we should expand it to make it a more solid foundation for retirement security.

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The Lack of Policy for Working Families

With the decline of welfare capitalism putting more strains on the basic American social contract, policies to protect working families are failing to meet our needs, writes Josh Freedman.


Articles and Op-Eds

June 30 | The National Interest
Michael Lind
April 22 | The National Interest
Michael Lind
March 13 | Washington Monthly
Joshua Freedman
February 03 | Public Finance International
Michael Lind
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About the Project

In light of the dramatic ongoing technological and economic changes in the world, the United States requires more than incremental reforms. The purpose of the Next Social Contract Initiative is to fundamentally rethink our inherited social contract, the system of institutions and policies designed to empower and support citizens from childhood and work through retirement.

Inspired by the premise that economic security and opportunity are mutually reinforcing, a new social contract should foster innovation and entrepreneurship, encourage long-term growth and broadly shared prosperity, and engage individuals and families not only as participants in the economy but also as citizens.

The Next Social Contract Initiative is made possible with the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Next Social Contract Initiative Staff

Michael Lind
Policy Director, Economic Growth Program

Michael Lind is co-founder of the New America Foundation, along with Walter...

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